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Kentucky Lolita

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This journal is here to bring together lolitas in Kentucky to share their interest in Lolita fashion
Community Rules

1. Please keep all posts on topic.
Keep posts relevant to the topic of Elegant Gothic and Lolita fashion. This includes all sales.

2. Please be courteous to other members.
Be polite in offering constructive criticism and respect the wishes of those who ask for constructive criticism. Please do not post about any off-site drama, inflammatory off topic ranting, or moderation issues. If the latter arises, please contact a moderator or admin directly. In addition, posts containing explicit nudity, blatant pornography or profuse obscenities will be deleted without warning and poster will be banned.

3. Images larger than 500x500 pixels must be placed under a cut.

4. Explicit content posts must be placed completely under a cut and bear a "NSFW/18+" disclaimer above the cut.
Images and content cannot contain minors in suggestive positions or in any state of undress. This community does not advocate child pornography, and so unless you can prove that people in extremely suggestive images are over 18, please do not post said images. People depicted in suggestive artwork should be clearly post-pubescent. All images should be generally work safe, and if in question, should be placed under a cut with a NSFW warning. In general, if a person in an image would be arrested if they walked around outside in what they have on, you shouldn't post it. The moderators of this community withhold the right to delete, without warning, any post they find inappropriate.

5. Sales posts, auctions, and want to buy posts are allowed in this community.
Advertisements are allowed if your store is based in Kentucky.

6. Please do not advertise other communities without mod approval.

Additionally, moderators reserve the right to delete any post they deem inappropriate, even if it's not addressed in the rules. Please message one of the moderators should you have any questions or problems about post deletion. Moderators will give warning and ban members when necessary according to the schedule outlined in the ban policy.

Please note this community is for the enjoyment and celebration of Gothic Lolita fashion and its various branches. We do not endorse ANY form of sexual activities involving adults and children underneath the legal age of the respective provinces, states, and political bodies which comprise the membership of this community.