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9/16/11 10:32 pm - lunadear - halloween meet-up~

yes everybody, I have finally gotten myself together and made actual final plans for the proposed Halloween meet-up! So yeah, pretty much self-explanatory.

It's gonna be held at that address; it's at my boyfriend's house because he has a nice and clean house, unlike mine :D parking is in limited quantities so I recommend carpooling and parking on the street. I'm planning to have the two lolita-related slasher movies being played and we can choose whether or not to watch them :3

I'm also going to go ahead and say, you don't have to bring anything, but I would greatly appreciate any monetary donations that you can spare in order to pay for food/decorations/gift bags and such :3

so yeah! please RSVP before october 15th please! (also, feel free to bring your friends, significant others, etc.)

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9/13/11 04:47 pm - erysimumcheiri - Daycon Anime Convention


9/5/11 05:00 pm - clockworkparade - Reintro Post

I used to be isolde_lolita here on Livejournal but recently someone hacked into my email account, so I've had to make all new accounts on most of my websites.

I guess I'll just re-introduce myself? >_<

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I tend towards Classic or Steampunk Lolita styles, but I do still love Gothic and Sweet. My favorite brand is a tie between Innocent World and Alice and the Pirates. However, at the moment, all of my Lolita pieces are either selfmade or modified offbrand thrift. I'd love to acquire more, but as I am seriously broke, unless I can buy secondhand or join a group order for Bodyline, I think my wardrobe will remain this way for a while.

In my non-rori life, I'm a writer, a major Supernatural fan, an actor, an artist  and am obsessed with music, which I have a very strange taste in (we're talking everything from Nicki Minaj to Bob Seger to Mumford and Sons to Emilie Autumn). I love historical costuming (hence why I love Lolita and Steampunk so much) and sewing is one of my major hobbies.

8/15/11 04:45 pm - lunadear - possible halloween meetup

Would anybody be interested in having a Halloween tea party meetup in October? I was thinking I could have it at my house, we could sit around, eat cake, drink tea, and watch scary movies xD anyone interested? If so, I'll make a formal post about it~

7/28/11 08:28 pm - erysimumcheiri

I've been wanting to start my own label for some time now and I finally got it off the ground!
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7/24/11 05:07 pm - lolita_assassin - Is anyone near Bowling Green?

I would love to hang out with other lolitas but I dont know how far other lolitas are from bowling green...

Im going to be going to college at WKU and would love to get to know new people

4/13/11 07:56 pm - lunadear - chocomint order~

Hey, does anyone want to do a Chocomint group order? I'm going to be buying some things from them soon and just wanted to know if anyone wanted to join in~ everyone will split the shipping evenly!

If so, here's the site. Just go to it and fill out this form!


after you comment, pm me your paypal address so I can invoice you :) I will invoice you in today's exchange rate + 3.5% for paypal fees!

3/29/11 07:56 am - turtle_shock - Introduction? ;;

 Hi, uhm. My name is Mattie, and I live in Lexington, although I visit Louisville for the weekend every other week to see my dad. 
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3/16/11 06:34 pm - lunadear - louisville meetup~

Hey would anybody be interested in a small/casual meetup in Louisville sometime this month? Maybe on the 26th? I'm think that we can just go to Mall St. Matthew's and hang out c:

3/12/11 03:17 pm - lolita_assassin - Western Kentucky University lolitas? respond ASAP

any lolitas that go to western Kentucky University? Im visiting in two days. monday .
or anylolitas by the area?please respond ASAP thank you
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