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Jeez, I just realized I forgot to introduce myself!

Hello! I'm Sarah, 22 and I live in Lexington~ I have a wardobe of Gothic and some Oldschool sweet. It's mostly indie American brands, TaoBao, a few brand pieces, and the odd offbrand thing here or there, primairly accesories (I am not spending more than $10 on earrings! I lose them ALL THE TIME.) I'm a student and a Walmart drone, but I don't let either get to me too much. :P

I have lots of interest in meetups that sadly far outstrips my time to go to them. This may not matter anyways though, since it seems the comm here is active, but infrequent. I'm learning to sew a little bit and have completed one whole underskirt and modified a bolero and now am working on some odd accessories as I get time. :3

Sorry about posting a meetup idea before introducing myself, I forgot that I hadn't yet honestly! >_<
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