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8/4/14 06:41 pm - lakalove - Danville area?

Hello fellow Kentucky Lolitas. I was wondering if there were anyone else who lived in the Danville area?

5/12/13 04:14 pm - ladydecoy

10/5/12 04:20 pm - lunadear

Hey everyone!! We have a meetup in Louisville coming up soon and you can find all the information here: http://www.facebook.com/events/496336547060734/

"You're invited to the Kentucky Lolita Society's Halloween Picnic Meetup! Located at the Witch's Hat in Cherokee Park (Louisville, KY), we will be having a potluck picnic followed by games and contests for best outfits, so come looking your best! Theme outfits/costumes are also welcome!

PLEASE RSVP to this event before October 10th! When you RSVP, please also fill out this form:

Number of guests:
Food you are bringing:
Any food allergies/dietary restrictions:

If you don't already have a plan of what food you want to bring, that's fine; however, it would be great if you could say non-specifics (like 'savory food' or 'dessert'). We will have access to grills, so if you like meat, feel free to bring some! I'll be compiling a list of what everyone is planning on bringing so others can see what they should bring.

Hope to see you all there!"

5/4/12 03:05 pm - erysimumcheiri - Community Introductions!

 Hey Everyone, I'm noticing that we're getting a lot of new members so I thought it would be a good idea to have a page of introductions for those of us who are newer, or just bad at names/faces. So just leave a comment with this form and briefly introduce yourself! 

2/28/12 07:14 pm - honey_mjrn - Official Common Grounds Meetup Post!

Alrighty girls! Official Meetup information is as follows:

Where: Common Grounds, 343 East High Street, Lexington, KY

When: Sunday, March 18th, 6:00 pm

What: Foods and fun! This is a cafe and mostly dessert-type place. :3

Dresscode: Lolita of your choice! Non-loli friends are welcome as well. 

RSVP is not required, but is appreciated. If you are in Lexington and need a ride, please PM me or contact me on Facebook. I am on the Kentucky Lolita FB group, with the exact same icon as here. :3 

Also posting this over on the FB group as well. See you there!

2/21/12 04:51 pm - lunadear

Hi everybody! You may or may not have seen this on egl, but I'm hosting a giveaway on my brand new blog and I would love it if you checked it out. All you have to do is click the image above and write me a comment with a link to your favourite blog. That's it! I hope you like and enter my little giveaway, and maybe follow my new blog as well. Thank you!


In other news, I have created a new facebook group for members of Kentucky lolita and that can be found here:

2/20/12 01:04 pm - honey_mjrn - Jeez, I just realized I forgot to introduce myself!

Hello! I'm Sarah, 22 and I live in Lexington~ I have a wardobe of Gothic and some Oldschool sweet. It's mostly indie American brands, TaoBao, a few brand pieces, and the odd offbrand thing here or there, primairly accesories (I am not spending more than $10 on earrings! I lose them ALL THE TIME.) I'm a student and a Walmart drone, but I don't let either get to me too much. :P

I have lots of interest in meetups that sadly far outstrips my time to go to them. This may not matter anyways though, since it seems the comm here is active, but infrequent. I'm learning to sew a little bit and have completed one whole underskirt and modified a bolero and now am working on some odd accessories as I get time. :3

Sorry about posting a meetup idea before introducing myself, I forgot that I hadn't yet honestly! >_<

2/20/12 12:55 pm - honey_mjrn - Gauging Lexington Meetup Interest

Would people like to do a meetup in Lexington? I'd be okay with hosting but I'm quite unknown. >_< I have a couple not too pricey ideas, was just wondering if other lolis are close enough to want to come before I really get into much planning. Unfortunately, I would not be able to help with rides because we have a truck. Unless someone wants to attempt to fit in a jump seat in lolita. xD

Please let me know! 

12/22/11 09:10 pm - lunadear - meetup

Any interest in a casual Louisville meetup? We've been getting lots of new members recently but everything has been pretty quite, so this might be a good chance for everyone to kind of meet each other.

I was thinking about mid January, maybe going to The Comfy Cow ice cream parlour, or Sweet Surrender Dessert Cafe.

10/16/11 02:07 pm - lunadear - meet reminder~

Hey everyone, just wanted to remind you about the Halloween meetup happening in a couple of weeks. I would love for a lot of people to be able to attend, so if you're in the Louisville area or are willing to drive out, please respond to my post here:


Thanks so much! Hope to see you there!
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